Die Grenzen meiner Sprache bedeuten die Grenzen meiner Welt.

The limits of my language are the limits of my universe.

(Ludwig Wittgenstein)


Our German Leadership Team

Kristin Heiland: Teacher for German and Spanish as a Foreign Language


Kristin is a native of Mainz and has her master`s degree in French and Spanish Philology as well as an additional qualification in German as a foreign language from the University of Mainz.  Her teaching experience range from two years at a German school in Chile, as well as several years as a course instructor  in DAAD summer courses in Chile and Uzbekistan. Her love of travel and foreign cultures is seen and experienced in and outside her classes. Kristin employs her deep interest and desire to connect and learn from people from other countries and cultures. She does this by engaging with students and colleagues alike to facilitate and organize extracurricular activities outside the classroom. This, in turn, enhances the students' exposure to the German culture.


Laura Leyendeckers: Teacher for German as a foreign language


Laura obtained her bachelor's degree in Leipzig and her master's degree in German as a foreign language from the University of Mainz. She has experience working in literacy courses, A1-to-C1 DaF courses, TestDaF and DSH exam preparation courses, and in nursing-related courses. 

Following on Annett's belief that the environment and culture of the school, is equally important as the rigour of LanguageKult language programs, Laura emphasizes in her classes a structured and disciplined approach to teaching that works to bring a good mix for all.

Xenia Morasch: Teacher for German as a Foreign Language 


Xenia attained her master's degree in German as a Foreign Language at the University of Mainz. 

Xenia believes in creating transformative experiences for the students. She sees each group and each participant unique and builds on her previous experience on mediation so that the students can achieve their goals. This makes each course a unique language learning experience, where every step and every challenge mastered is a joy for everyone involved.

Silvia Magdinez: Teacher of German as a foreign language


Silvia acquired her Master of Education in German and Russian and an MA in German as a Foreign Language.

Coming from an Education background, Silvia adjusts her classes to the needs of the students. Her specialty lies in bringing young adults or teenagers to focus on the importance of language learning. Her approach to teaching is a mastery (task-involving) motivational style where she emphasizes a self-referenced improvement and effort from the students and the success is defined as improving the students' personal best achievements.