Our quality standards

Why learn German with LanguageKult?


In short, because we  offer the highest quality, effective, and fun learning experience all rolled in one!


You want to know more? Then read our detailed description:


Our Claim:


LanguageKult is committed to the highest quality standards, which is reflected above all in the content and teaching methods used in  our courses. On top of that, the support system you can expect from the courses are unparalleled.  Since our foundation, we have been continuously evaluating all courses by asking our students for their opinion about the course and their personal learning success. On this basis, the current course concept emerged.


How do we define Quality?


The following factors contribute to the high quality of language courses at LanguageKult:


1. Qualified teachers:


All German teachers at LanguageKult have a university degree, from a recognized German University, in German as a foreign language or equivalent. That means, that they have a methodical-didactic study that enables them to adequately teach German as native speakers.


LanguageKult attaches great importance to a strong bond between the teachers, the school, and the students. Therefore, most of our teachers are permanent employees. Our participants benefit from maximum concentration on their needs and continuity in teaching.


2. Well thought-out course concept:


Our course concept is based on the one hand; on the standards of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, teaching, assessment (CEFR), and on the other hand; on years of teaching experience and course evaluations. 

For our students, this provides maximum transparency and orientation.


Some of you would like to learn perfect German in 5 months, but unfortunately, that is an unrealistic goal. If you want to study in Germany or maximally improve your career chances, a solid C1 level should be your goal! To achieve this, you should plan about 8-9 months.

3. Placement test and individual care:


Before you start your German course with us, we will have a personal conversation with you and you will take a placement test with us. Except, of course, if you can show us an official German certificate. The placement test, as well as the conversation with you, enables us to recommend the best course suitable for your needs.


During your studies with us, we also have regular conversations with you in order to observe your individual learning progress.  By closely monitoring your progress, we can steer you towards a successful completion of your desired goals.


4. Fair course fees


Our prices are fair to accommodate both the students and teachers.  This is the only way we can maintain the high quality standards in our school!


Our participants:


Our German courses are aimed for:

  • anyone who wishes to study here in Germany
  • anyone who is currently working here or considering working here in Germany or other German speaking countries
  • anyone with little time in Germany as a tourist and wants to learn the German culture and language.



You must have mastery of the Latin writing system.  


German lessons at LanguageKult take place in small groups averaging 6-16 people. This allows for a good interaction with your fellow students and small enough to make sure that the teacher can give you the attention you need to succeed in your chosen goals.