Private Classes German

The private class is designed for those woho feel that a group is not suitable, you have limited time available or you have a specific need which requires individual attention.


This course offers totally personalised and focused training which a group course may not be able to provide you.


Participants choose this course for a wide variety of reasons, which can include:
  • Preparation for an important presentation
  • Increasing confidence for a German-language conference, seminar or meeting
  • Priority focus on specific areas of weakness
  • A need to ensure total focus on personal needs


Course dates                

Start any time!



You decide!




Appointment basis




A1-C2 (all language levels)

Course fee**


1 lesson: 40,- €

* For all courses: one hour indicates 45 minutes of actual lesson time

** The Course fees include the registration fee and any printouts or handouts for the lesson. Textbooks are not included in the price.

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